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With our special attention to detail, Luminous Entertainment has being transforming tents, ballrooms, even gymnasiums into magically lit settings for your wedding.

When it's your big day, Luminous has the ideal technical solutions to fit your needs. We can help you to create the perfect ambiance for your festivities and make an impact on your guests that will leave them talking about your event long after it has ended.


We know that one of the most important moments of any event is when your guests first see your venue, decorated to perfection. With our exhilarating lighting, sound and projection options your guests will be blown away! We have state-of-the-art illumination techniques such as pattern projections and color changes that set just the right mood.

We use a variety of mediums in order to achieve the perfect look. Our innovative team combines everything from intelligent lighting to paper lanterns to create the desired ambiance. We can transform your party space into a beautiful oasis of color, texture and soft light to create a mood of sophistication and splendour. By artfully placing chandeliers, pin spotting centerpieces or illuminating columns throughout your venue, Luminous strives for the perfect balance between art and light. The result is a custom-tailored look that will welcome your guests and invite them to a wonderfully enchanting occasion




Lighting up indoor and outdoor spaces with items including edison bulbs, festoon lights, lanterns and fairy lights. Designing and rigging large feature installations above a dance floor, funky displays of vintage bulbs, and walls covered in fairy lights, our team pride themselves on creating magic at any event.


Up lights are a very versatility fixture which can completely change a room colour, or just highlight specific focus points like arches, columns, floral arrangements or the DJ booth. Up Lights can be coordinated to match your wedding/event colour or theme for both inside and outside your venue. There is also the option to control these lights and change the colours either together or seperate throughout the night for a dramatic effect. Perhaps, you want to start with a romantic soft blush colour during dinner and when the dancing starts into a party mode. 


A dance floor wash fills the dance floor with light which is great for decor, but also provides conventional lighting for key moments such as first dance, speeches or toasts. Photographers and event designers love this option because it is a great way to fill the room with soft lighting and helps provide the right lighting for great pictures. Color changing wash lights are another option. These are best used once guests hit the dance floor. An onsite lighting technician customizes these dance floor lights to change with the music and flow of the event, providing another level of energy to your party.


Pin Spot lighting is a simple way to highlight all of the details and decor at your wedding or special event with a large pay- off because they provide so much value in enhancing your pictures. We guarantee if you ask any floral designer or photographer their opinion, they will absolutely recommend this type of lighting for your event. These lights are especially perfect if you want to show off the beautiful flowers and details in your centerpieces, along with your cake or sweets table. They are called "pin" spot lights because of their small size and ability to accurately provide light on even the smallest details


See your name in lights! If you are using a custom Gobo or have a theme for your wedding or special event, this package is perfect to tie it all together seamlessly.  Luminous can help you choose from hundreds of pre-designed Gobo templates or use your own design.


Breakout patterns, also known as "Texture Lighting", are a creative way to personalize any event. They can transform any dull, blank surface to a beautiful backdrop. These texture lighting designs can shine on the dance floor, wall, ceiling, or any focal point throughout the venue to help create a dynamic atmosphere at your wedding or special event. There are hundreds of pattern options to choose from and our experienced lighting designers will help you decide which will be best suited for you.


It is important to consider quality sound reinforcement for the speeches. This is a very formal part of the evening and its important that its heard loud and clear. There is nothing worse than being the person at the back of the room who can't hear the formalities. This section is often overlooked in the planning stages and it plays one of the most important parts of the evening.


Lighting the surrounding trees and garden around your wedding to provide a lovely atmosphere and outdoor environment for dancing. We can program outdoor lighting to be in any colour to suit your style.

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