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At Luminous Entertainment we appreciate the importance of safety, and rigging done correctly is the most crucial part of any technical event providing a reliable and strong foundation for lighting, audio and video equipment.


We have an extensive range of Global Truss in F34, 1T and 0.5T Chain Blocks, and an assorted range of rigging accessories.


We offer our clients high-end rigging solutions though the collaborate with our rigging team to realise our clients projects.


Not only do we offer temporary rigging solutions for once off events and theatre projects but we also install a range of rigging solutions for permanent application. 

Products we supply and Install:

  • Electric Circuited Lighting bars - Static & Moving

  • Motorised Hoist Systems

  • Winches and Motor Controllers

  • Tri Truss Systems

  • Box Truss Systems 

Contact our installation team for advice on the best system to suit your next project. 

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