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Luminous Entertainment is also a proud re-seller of the following brands.



  • Robe Lighting 

  • Jands Consoles 

  • Antari Smoke Machines

  • Clay Paky Lighting 

  • High End Lighting

  • ETC Lighting 

  • LSC Lighting & Systems 

  • Vello Light



  • Acoustic Technologies Speakers

  • Yamaha Consoles

  • QSC Speakers

  • JBL Speakers

  • Martin Audio Speakers

  • EV Speakers 

  • Audinate Dante Systems

  • Sennheiser Systems

  • Shure Systems

  • Audix Microphone

  • Klark Technic Outboard 

  • Midas Consoles

  • Audio-Technica Microphones


  • DQ Global Truss

  • Ozlift

Contact us today to enquire about our sales and what we can offer.

Jands consoles
Yamaha professional sound consoles
High End Systems
QSC systems
Acoustic Technologies speakers
Sennheiser radio microphones
Shure microphones
Audix microphones
Robe Lighting
Allen & Heath consoles
ETC lighting
Martin Audio
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