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VELLO XP Wash series is a range of affordable dynamic lighting and effect fixtures designed set the scene and enhance your guest experience. Whatever the venue—nightclubs, cruise ships, houses of worship, performing arts spaces or others—the right lighting can have an enormous impact on guest behavior and ultimately on your business. The XP300 are super-fast, bright and lightweight LED wash luminaireis equippedequipped with 19pcs 15W multicolor RGBW 4in1 LEDs that produce a vivid colors as well as excellent color mixing effect. It is also equipped with a motorized 1:6 zoom ratio from 5°-60° degree

from a tight 5˚ beam to a wide, soft 60˚wash. Equipped with DMX system and offering fast and silent operation, the XP300 gives lighting designers much more flexibility in colors, angles and effects.


  • Power consumption 300w AC 90V - 240V, 50 - 60HZ

    Light Source OSRAM 4in1 RGBW 19 x 15w LED

    With powerful beam and wash effects

    Electronic linear zoom system

    Electronic Zoom Range of 5 - 60 Deg

    Outstanding color macro effect

    CTO 2700k to 8000k

    Outstanding strobe effect with variable speed 

    Linear dimming curve 0~100% smooth dimming

    DMX Channels 13ch Reduced 16ch extended mode

    Connectors DMX 3pin/ 5pin and PowerCON In/Out

    Protective Rating IP20, Indoor use only

    Supplied with Mounting Clamp and Safety Chain

    Roadcases are available on request for fixtures purchases: 4in1, 6in1

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